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If you’ve made your way to this blog post, you probably love wine tasting! But have you ever gone through the process of planning and booking a trip to wine country? Maybe for a simple day trip? How about a weekend trip with out-of-town friends? Or maybe – if we are all so lucky – for a bachelorette party or birthday weekend that rivals the antics of the Wine Country movie starring Amy Poehler?

If you are anything like us, you probably found yourself endlessly perusing Google search pages and individual winery websites. Yeah, there are a lot of options. But how are we supposed to know which wineries fit our personal preferences? For a society that so strongly relies on easy access to information, there seemingly was not a simple and convenient way to identify wine tasting experiences by features offered.

Make Room for Reservine

Reservine helps you easily find and book wine tasting experiences tailored to your personal preferences. Bringing your canine best friend with you? Reservine can help with that! Kids are tagging along because you couldn’t find a babysitter? Reservine can help with that too! How about an off-the-beaten-path winery that offers 95+ rated wines and a scenic view? Yep! Reservine can do that as well!

Finding your dream wine tasting experience with Reservine is as easy as…

1. Using personalized search filters to find tasting experiences that fit your personal preferences.

Screenshot displaying how to use personalized search filters on the Reservine platform.

2. Choosing your date/time and adding that tasting experience to your trip itinerary (cart).

A description of wine tasting experiences at Maxville Lake Winery and a calendar to select a date for your trip.

3. Checking out and reserving all of your tasting experiences in one seamless transaction.

Reservine checkout page displaying wine tasting experiences at three Napa Valley wineries.

Yes, it’s that easy! Reservine makes the wine tasting reservation process as seamless as purchasing those shoes from your favorite online retailer. No longer will you have to take the extra time to complete a separate reservation process for each winery on your itinerary. And as we like to say, less time spent making reservations means more time enjoying wine!

Featured Itineraries

Looking for some inspiration from those that know wine country? Reservine has you covered! You will always have access to a selection of pre-planned themed routes. Choose an itinerary by feature (i.e. dog-friendly or family-friendly) or choose an itinerary put together by members of the Reservine community. Reservine has something for everyone!

Page from the Reservine website displaying Napa Valley wine tasting itineraries

Wine Country, Here We Come!

Now that you know what Reservine is all about, come join us in wine country! Take a look at our featured routes in Napa Valley or search through all of our listed Napa Valley wineries. Whatever the reason for your trip, we hope that Reservine will be your new favorite wine country tool!

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