Paraduxx Harvest Party: A Napa Valley Must

There is nothing quite like the Harvest season in Napa Valley. The leaves are changing. The grapes are fermenting. And everybody—and we mean everybody—is ready to celebrate!

We had the pleasure of attending the Paraduxx Harvest Party a couple of months ago (if you haven’t been to Paraduxx before, do yourself a favor and book a wine tasting there right now! We cannot say enough positive things about the staff and the backyard atmosphere). The day was that of a wine fairytale. We celebrated our way through wine and food pairings, grape stomp competitions, and a couple—okay maybe more than a couple—of sweet treats at the end.


Okay, who here feels a bit more sophisticated when they’re enjoying a wine and food pairing? I certainly do! There’s something about the knowledge needed to properly pair wine with food that makes me feel a little fancy. And who better to pair wine with food than the folks that make and serve those wines every single day!

Well we were in luck because the Paraduxx Harvest Party was all wine and food pairing. Veggie skewers and the Rector Creek blend. Baja fish tacos and the Proprietary White blend. Fried Chicken Sandwiches and the X2. Ribs and the Howell Mountain blend. And of couse we can’t forget barrel tasting next year’s X2 vintage with the winemaker himself?! No need to die because we were already in Heaven!


Perhaps no Harvest Party is complete without a little ceremonial—and sometimes competive—grape stomping. Paraduxx had both. Partygoers could leisurely stomp from 1 pm to 4 pm before two were selected to challenge a couple of Paraduxx employees in the competition at 4:30 pm.

Let me set the scene for you… an elevated stage, a slippery barrel filled with grapes, and a seemingly endless crowd of onlookers. What could possibly go wrong? Well if you’ve seen this all-time classic YouTube video like I have, you’d know that the answer is “a lot.” Maybe that’s why I was holding onto the rail so tightly in this photo!

Our grape stomping session was rather fun and uneventful, thankfully. We were acturally surprised by how hard it was to crush the juice out of the grapes – Patrick is still arguing that his spicket was blocked! It wasn’t until the competition that we learned rain boots make grape stomping MUCH MUCH MUCH easier. I mean, there really is no other explanation for how Oscar—our friend and one of the Paraduxx employees competing—was so good at it.

Have you all ever had the opportunity to stomp some grapes? What were your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!


And what better way to cap off the day than with some deliciously creamy ice cream! Cookies and Crème… Chocolate Espresso… Strawberry Milkshake… yes, Lauren (pictured) and I tried all of the flavors.

To all of the staff at Paraduxx, thank you for such a wonderful day filled with wine, food, grape stomping, and friends! Can next year’s party get here already?!

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