Three Fat Guys

COVID-19 Update: Three Fat Guys now requires reservations for wine tasting with a maximum party size of six guests.


Wine Tasting ($25): We taste through our 2019 Rosé of Pinot Noir, 2016 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay, 2017 Carneros Pinot Noir, and 2017 Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon. Also to note: Per the county, food must be a part of the tasting. We usually have a scheduled food truck on site, but we also carry small salads and charcuterie platters from our restaurant, The Red Grape. (60 minutes)

COVID-19 Update: Three Fat Guys now requires reservations for wine tasting with a maximum party size of six guests.


As the legend has been told, the amazing friendship between Daryn, Jason, and Tony had begun after fate had brought them together. The odds of three guys coming from different corners of the United States and realizing their passion for really good wine caused an immediate bond that remains impossible to break. And so, the story goes.

It all started on a lucky day in April 2006. A week before the three had come together for the first time, each of them were sitting at home with friends and family, patiently waiting for the phone to ring from a team saying that they were going to be drafted. A childhood dream for most, playing football at the highest level and chasing everlasting glory. Little did they know, the same team was planning to take three offensive lineman that year. There was a major need to bring in youth and energy to protect a legendary quarterback. Each of them received that call. And each packed their bags, and set out on a journey that would change their lives forever.

After entering this new world, each of Daryn, Jason and Tony, scrapped their way to playing most games of their rookie year and every season after.They traveled together, stayed at the finest of hotels, and ate at the most exquisite foods from the best restaurants, always pairing their entree’s with superior wine before going on to winning the game the next day. This process needed only to be repeated a handful of times before they started to notice that all of them not only enjoyed wine but were fond of the process of sourcing grapes and making wine. Great wine actually. The type of wine that is unforgettable. Wine that when sipped brings back memories of good times and great travels. Memories with friends and family that were forgotten until the last sip reminded you of a single moment of happiness. A moment of pure emotion. A moment that you never want to lose again. And thus, the Idea of making a wine together to never forget these finer moments became alive. Three Fat Guys was born.

Through their many games, journeys, and tall tales together, they gained a passion for fine delicacies and premium wines. Over the years of playing professional football together, the Three Fat Guys Wine label has taken on a different meaning: an everlasting connection to the memories of good times, humbling experiences, and astounding victories. Drink every last drop as this wine will be memorable.



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